Amsterdam Airport's new employee

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It’s official. We have a new favourite airline. KLM’s lost and found department at Amsterdam Airport Schipol has the cutest new employee. Recruited to help track down the owners of missing items, this beagle uses his keen sense of smell to help return everything from iPhones to children’s soft toys.

If this isn’t customer service I don’t know what is. This adorable little guy definitely deserves employee of the month and a big round of a-paws!

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Written by SJ


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    I could do with one of them for my husband.

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    As much as I love this video and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that it could be true, it isn’t. This has been around for a while now, as well as the articles that show it’s a great marketing campaign but no, there unfortunately isn’t a service like this. Just mere mortals who are aiming to provide the same service.

    Perhaps it’s time for YourLifeChoices to do an article on how to tell whether articles or emails are in fact hoaxes, as sadly there are a lot around and few as entertaining as this. Passing them on in many cases (though not this one) only escalates the fear factor unnecessarily. There are several well reliable websites that can be used to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

    Over to you YourLifeChoices, for an informative article please.

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      Thank Cleo for ponting it out. What you say is so true. I used to get quite a lot of warning email from friends which I would check out only for find they were a hoax. I started to tell them to please check them out before passing on to everybody. I have noticed these type of emails have stopped to they muost have taken notice.

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      Couldn’t agree more with you, Cleo. Classic examples are the media feeding us unverified ‘reports’ on terrorist activity, contagious disease danger, drug threat/effect on our society etc, etc, ad nauseam. I don’t have the strength or resources to validate this stuff and end up frantically digging a hole in the back yard to crawl into 😉 *sigh. Seriously but……I try to ‘Do a Lord Nelson’ and put my telescope to my cataract ridden right eye and say …. “I see no problem” Happy da(ze)y 🙂

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      I do hope we never have a ‘report’ on the threat of CHEMTRAILS here as we could end up with thousands of Chicken Littles running around in circles becoming more neurotic than we already are, thanks to these internet gems 🙁



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