Help at hand for older Australians

With older Australians especially vulnerable as the COVID-19 situation unfolds, Apia has partnered with Five Good Friends (FGF) – an innovative in-home care provider – to offer free welfare check-ins and remote monitoring services as part of their commitment to supporting customers.

The At Hand initiative provides support for older Australians by connecting them with highly skilled, verified care workers who can safely deliver services to the home – ensuring they remain safe and connected during these difficult times.

Geoff Keogh, Head of Apia, is incredibly excited to be able to offer this additional support to our most vulnerable customers.

“In tough times it is great to be able to come together in the best way possible with partners like FGF and provide a service that is not only adding value to our customers lives, but providing support and reassurance to the entire family,” he said.

“Social distancing, travel restrictions and boarder lockdowns are forcing many families to change how they keep in touch with and look after their loved ones who live independently, and At Hand gives everyone peace of mind that they are doing ok.”

“It’s just one of the ways Apia is demonstrating its commitment to supporting our customers during the moments that matter.”

What services are available through the At Hand initiative?
Referred Apia customers can receive the following At Hand support services free of charge:

  • Remote check ins
  • Monitoring state of mind/wellbeing
  • Keeping family informed should any red flags arise, or additional support be required.

Additional At Hand support services available through FGF (for an additional cost) include:

  • Medicine home delivery
  • Technology support and set up
  • Pet care
  • Meal prep and delivery
  • Grocery shopping and delivery
  • Laundry services.

If you think you or a loved one can benefit from the At Hand support services and you are an Apia customer, contact Apia on 13 50 50.

If you’re not an Apia customer, visit Five Good Friends for more information.

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