Let the Good Times at Home roll: Wendy Matthews will stop you in your tracks

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“I feel I tell stories and we’re all in this together, so I just have to hope there are people who can relate,” says songstress Wendy Matthews.

“For me, music heals and helps and moves the maker and the listener.”

The Canadian-born Aussie singer has had stints in ’80s bands Models and Absent Friends and has released many hit singles –Token Angels, Let’s Kiss (Like Angels Do), and The Day You Went Away to name a few – and albums as a solo artist.

Her voice has been called ‘to the vocal chords what the Daintree is to the wilderness’ and, while that may sound cryptic, when you hear her sing you’ll get the meaning.

Rock music historian Ian McFarlane says she provides “extraordinary, crystal-clear vocals […] a soulfulness that was the mark of a truly gifted singer”.

In short, Wendy’s voice is absolutely phenomenal, and she’ll stop you in your tracks when she plays her hits The Day You Went Away and Nobody But You. We can’t see Wendy Matthews sing live this year, but this is the next best thing and a few moments you’ll treasure.

The Apia Good Times Tour stars can’t come to your town this year, but you can visit them at their place.

Apia and YourLifeChoices bring you the Apia Good Times at Home Tour, featuring Australian rock and pop royalty and a few surprise songs and guest artists to boot.

The Apia Good Times Tour 2020 has been rescheduled for May and June 2021. While the artists may not be able to play live this year, they’ve each put together a special something to keep you entertained in your living room.

For those who have purchased tickets to the 2020 tour, you should have been contacted directly by the relevant show’s authorised ticketing agency regarding the date change. Tickets can be transferred to the new concert date in your location for the 2021 tour. Alternatively, a refund option is available should the date not suit.

For all Apia Good Times Tour dates and location information, please visit www.apiagoodtimes.com.au and let the Good Times roll!

What do you think of Wendy Matthews’ voice?

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Apia Good Times stars can't come to your town this year, but you can visit them at theirs.

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Apia Good Times stars can't come to your town this year, but you can visit them at theirs.

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Apia Good Times stars can't come to your town this year, but you can visit them at theirs.

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Total Comments: 3
  1. 0

    She still has it Just Beauitiful

  2. 0

    So beautiful and lovely to listen to. Been a long since I saw her perform live, but that show she did in Mt Isa many years ago was brilliant.

  3. 0

    WOW..has not changed a tiny bit what a beautiful soulful voice Wendy has..thank you deeply



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