Are you a good plane pal?

Armrest and overhead locker hogs, smelly food and feet – what makes a good plane pal?

Are you a good plane pal?

While we all like to think we’re a dream to sit next to when it comes to travelling, the reality isn’t always as sweet.

As someone who spent more time on planes in 2017 than months there are in the year, I feel somewhat equipped to address this minefield. So how will you fare?

Spatial awareness

1. Do you have pointy elbow syndrome and hog the armrests?

2. Do you have strong opinions regarding the position of the window shade that you inflict on your neighbours?

3. Do you book the aisle seat then fall into an unwakeable slumber?

4. Do you take up more overhead locker space than necessary because you don’t want to put anything under the seat in front of you.

If you answered yes to two or more of these I’m afraid you really need to sort your spatial behaviours on planes. They are not your armrests! Try to think of the others in your row before jamming all your worldly belongings in the overhead locker and adjust the window shade based on whether others are asleep / awake and the time of the day, rather than your individual desires. If you have a child please do not allow them to play with the window shade. This is not a game of daytime / night time!

Personal hygiene

1. Do you wear deodorant?

2. Do you travel with said deodorant and a toothbrush and use them?

3. Do you keep your shoes and socks on during the flight?

4. Do you cover your mouth if you sneeze / cough?

5. If you feel flatulence coming on will you head to the bathroom to spare your fellow passengers? 

If you answered no to two or more of the above then you are not a good plane pal. It’s bad enough being stuck in close confines with other humans for hours on end let alone ones who have BO, bad breath, smelly feet or are dropping silent but deadly farts. As the saying goes, treat others as you would like to be treated.

General conduct

1. Do you have a baby or small child? Are they loud?

2. Have you brought along your own food? Is it smelly? Or worse delicious?

3. Are you travelling in a group? Are you part of a hen’s or buck’s party?

4. Are you talking on your phone just before take-off / as soon as you land? Do you have a loud voice and think you are important?

None of the above are signs of being a desirable passenger to travel near. While the baby / small child isn’t entirely your fault if you’re not even trying to settle them and they are out of control you lose even more points.

BYO food is fine so long as it’s so odour free other passengers barely notice it. No one wants to smell your stinky food or worse salivate over something they can’t access themselves. Bucks and hens should be banned from ever boarding planes or at the very least drinking before / on them. Also, no one cares about your phone calls on planes, if you were that important you’d be on a private jet!

What’s the worst behaviour you’ve witnessed or dealt with on a plane?



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    27th Jan 2018
    A recent international flight had me sitting next to a female who - jiggled her leg, burped and farted the whole 3+ hours. It was a full flight so I couldn't move. It was a very unpleasant experience.
    Magic Touch
    27th Jan 2018
    The worse thing are the person seating at your back seat keep kicking your seat when you try to rest and sleep.
    The next thing are the person in your front seat always keep lower the seatback rest down even you are having your meal, all this kind of people are not human they behive aremore worse than an aminal.
    Pass the Ductape
    29th Jan 2018
    Dead bloody right MT. Seat kicking at the back is down right rude, but when pleasantly pointed out to the perpetrator, I've always found it seems to stop.

    However when someone drops their seat back without warning, it shows a total lack of disrespect and bad manners towards the person sitting behind.

    This happened once to me just after the meal had been served and the drink I had, tipped over and into my lap!
    When I pointed this out to the lady in the seat responsible, did I receive an apology - no - all I received was a cold stare!
    The seat went back upright however, and when I had finished my meal, I patted her on the shoulder and indicated to her that I was okay for the seat to return to her preferred position.
    Another cold stare only, but funnily enough she remained with the seat up for the rest of trip! Must have been due to the tie I was wearing.
    27th Jan 2018
    I hate women who won't control their children and the little monsters spend the whole flight kicking the back of my seat. If you can't control them don't have them. While personal hygiene is important women who wear perfume so strong that it gives me a headache and sometimes makes me physically ill are unreasonable.
    I understand that the armrests aren't mine but the seats are too small for men , I am not overweight and if I am seated beside some waddling nightmare neither of us are going to have a good trip.
    27th Jan 2018
    If someone is kicking my seat I politely ask them to desist. If they don't I request the staff to do something about it NOW.

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