The Australian state where your marriage is most likely to fail

Australians continue to get married much later in life, according to the latest ABS figures.

Australian divorce rate increases

Australia’s divorce rate climbed five per cent according to the latest figures realised by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Tuesday.

In 2017 there were 49,032 divorces granted in Australia, significantly more than the 46,604 divorces granted in 2016.

Despite the increase in people granted a divorce, the numbers are still a fair way shy of the 55,330 who were granted a legal separation in 2001.

The ABS figures also showed that the age at which people were marrying continued to climb higher.

The median age at marriage for males in 2017 was 32.0 years, an increase from 31.9 years of age in 2016. The median age at marriage for females in 2017 was 30.1 years, an increase of 0.2 years since 2016.

Queensland continues to have the highest divorce rate of 2.3 divorces per 1000 estimated resident population, an increase of 0.1 per cent over the previous year. The Northern Territory has the lowest divorce rate at 1.6 divorces per 1000 estimated resident population, only marginally ahead of NSW (1.7 divorces per 1000 estimated resident population).

The age group with the highest rate of divorce were men aged between 45–49 (9.5 per 1000) and women aged between 40–44 (9.5 per 1000).

This year’s ABS statistics for the first time also included figures relating to same-sex marriage.

Data from the Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages show that 3149 same-sex weddings were held in Australia in the first six months since the legislative change. Over one third of same-sex marriages have been in NSW.

Same-sex female couples were more eager to wed following amendments to Australia’s marriage laws, with 1773 (56.3 per cent) registered by 30 June 2018, compared to 1376 (43.7 per cent) male same-sex couples. 

The median age at marriage for male same-sex couples as at 30 June 2018 was 48.5 years of age, compared to 39.0 years of age for female same-sex couples. 

The younger age ranges (primarily between 20–44 years of age) had a higher proportion of females marrying, while male same-sex marriages outnumbered females in older age groups (65 years of age and over). 

Why do you think Queenslanders divorce at a higher rate than couples in the Northern Territory?



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    28th Nov 2018
    No wonder young men are increasingly refusing to marry... and no wonder the dating sites are filled with fine women who are alone.. alone.. alone.... alone on the deep blue sea.

    Given that 83% of break-ups of 'marital relationships' are initiated by the woman, who then gets the lioness' share of family net worth, often due to the false paradigm of 'primary caregiver' which is an utter nonsense these days and never had any real merit beyond short term breast feeding, and caregiving takes many forms other than just being Mum - the surprise is that there are any marriages left to break......

    the funniest thing from the 'feminist' perspective is that the marriages that do not fail in the main are those from the traditional patriarchal society types, who not so coincidentally, are romping home in the accumulation of assets stakes and then retirement with assets, and are quite frankly raising their eyebrows in amazement at the utter stupidity of the 'Western' style of easy divorce.

    We 'Anglos' (I confess to one English ancestor among the Irish, Scots and Germans - hangs head in shame) are a stupid and selfish lot, who have permitted women to rule the roost for far too long, creating of this society the utter social devastation that you now see.

    And now we have the spectre of feminist-dominated pussy-whipped Labor just on the horizon running the show.... apres nous la deluge!

    (that ought get a few bites out of some)....
    28th Nov 2018
    I’m a feminist Trebor with my definition being equality in relationships, both domestic and in the workplace. Happily married for 47 years. A lot of women in the traditional patriarchal societies don’t get divorced, but it doesn’t translate that they are happy either. No one should have to stay in an unhappy relationships. However, I do note the failure of couples to be prepared to work through isssues and compromise.
    28th Nov 2018
    Hmm - 'happiness' is in the eye of the beholder... in a sense I suppose there is some satisfaction in carrying out one's traditional role in family over a lifetime....

    I also am a great believer in equality - which is why I oppose feminism but support women - as with may things in life - it is necessary to separate the ideology from the person.

    Perhaps 'feminists' need to be looking at equality in marriage breakup, too...and in 'domestic violence' - not much equality there.

    As for offering women super for time off - or any payment for time off - that is automatically paying them more per hour worked than men... no concept of true equality there... and affirmative action and introduction of relatively equal numbers of men into female dominated work arenas is also mandated....

    Bill Shorten and The Labor Party, Australian Tour 2019 -202x should be another barrel of laughs over inept management of this nation and social issues. I wonder how long it will be before he does a Rudd and falls on his sword for Tanya?

    I prefer genuine merit appointments....... not loaded branches of parties and false doctrines of what constitutes equality.
    28th Nov 2018
    Also.. feelings should not be the controlling factor in any decision to destroy an established relationship. This 'feelings' nonsense - government by emotion - has already caused immeasurable harm to many, including women, and is setting fair to lead to an eruption at some time in the near future.

    As a feminist - you seriously need to review your thinking and reasoning about policy thrusts and what actually constitutes equality.
    28th Nov 2018
    Trebor, you complain about “paying women more per hour than men” and I think that’s not one of the government’s best ideas. However, when you were a much younger man did you ever complain about women getting less per hour than a man for doing the same job?
    28th Nov 2018
    How would I, at 16 or so, have had any notion of such things? I didn't even know that Aboriginals didn't have a vote - I thought everyone did.

    It was just the way things were at the time, Triss - women stayed home and raised generally mentally healthy families... who had a work ethic and had the opportunity to benefit from schooling etc and progress further up the scale than their parents, who, BTW, didn't need any dual income to own a home and feed a family on meat and three veg..... with the occasional jaunt to the Chinese down the road....

    Read down below - my original response went to the wrong reply thing...

    What most seem to not see is that every time you give someone free time off and subsidised childcare and everything else - the price of living goes up to compensate COMMERCIAL companies and businesses that are having to pay for this either directly or indirectly - it's called inflation and is now a solidified part of the 'costs of living'.

    Someone got it right yesterday (I think) when he/she said that everyone in the community should not be paying for your PPL or your childcare - let the user pay, Abbott, with your abortion of an idea that sheilas with hubbies, both on $150k pa, should cop a handout for their inability to budget for family.

    You use, you pay - PPL and childcare is NOT part of the 'social security' bill - and nor should it be, but is IS part of the escalating WELFARE bill that is slowly ruining this country and the aspirations of every individual left out of the fattening pot of gold being handed around..... and the includes single gays etc, who pay but get nothing from all this.
    28th Nov 2018
    TREBOR...No woman should have to endure a marriage where she is treated like a slop maid and an inflatable sex doll. It's called abuse.

    Little wonder QLD has a high divorce rate. Their politicians are a prime example of what so called manhood represents over there.

    Independence is freedom.
    28th Nov 2018
    Some interesting comments.

    TREBOR - I can recall growing up and seeing the neighbour's marriage split up. The wife got the house and then took up with a man who also had a house. The husband got to live in a caravan at the back of his parents' house. But things have changed? Not too sure about that.

    Triss - equal wages is the perennial discussion but perhaps put yourself in an employers shoes. Employers need to run their business. It is not a frivolous pursuit.
    When a woman leaves to have a baby she's gone up to 9 months. Then she returns, pushes the person who was doing her job aside and then expects a payrise the men have gotten and all the bells and whistles.
    So what does the boss do? Basic. Employs men. So then you get gender complaints.
    I see your point but you fail to appreciate that women generally are not on the same playing field as men. There are exceptions of course. Gail Kelly is a glowing example but she is the exception rather than the rule.
    28th Nov 2018
    Nothing stopping your neighbour from shacking up with a divorcee who got the house

    Why are you complaining about all the policies your labor party implemented to get votes

    28th Nov 2018
    False figures - 2.3 divorces per 1000 population - should be 2.3 divorces per xxx marriages.... kids don't marry....
    28th Nov 2018
    I sort of expected the Northern Territory to have the highest number of divorces. I guess I can understand that Queensland got the nod as the insane humidity and heat means Queenslanders must be bonkers. Coming from a NSW person thinking Sydney is too hot. Chuckle.....
    17th Dec 2018
    MICK, the humidity in some areas in NT is very high during the wet season, and in the dry season if they get rain.
    28th Nov 2018
    The same publication says the Northern Territory has the lowest marriage rate. You can’t have a divorce unless you’re married first. Nothing to see here
    17th Dec 2018
    I think NT has a lower population. Individual country / outback properties are properly larger than those in Qld. Also Qld has quite a few cities/large towns
    Old Geezer
    28th Nov 2018
    Took years to train the one I have got so why bother changing and doing it all again?
    28th Nov 2018
    So much argument about "equality" but equality in regard to what?

    Even just narrowing it down to relationships, it is not normal to expect equality in everything, because you are starting off with opposites, not equals.

    Man and woman are opposites, unless you want to solve the equality problem by eliminating gender, but most people are born with gender.

    So why less divorces in NT compared to Qld ?? It is too hot in NT to argue?

    28th Nov 2018
    What control did I have over prevailing circumstances at the time?

    I had enough to do getting by on $4 a week and living in a boarding house as an abandoned child at age 16 .... 20c residual after paying board.... no wonder the Army sounded good at 17.

    No point arguing the issues of the ancient past.... we're talking about here and now and the reality is that women worked at the last census 32 hours to men's 41.... yet demand equal OUTCOME pay and equal super and equal everything else by the false yardstick of 'entitlement' to the same amount regardless of all other conditions.

    THAT is ultra-communist.

    Such things began to disappear in 1967 and have been replaced for decades now with 'equal pay for equal work' - not 'equal pay no matter how much or how little work you do in what capacity and regardless of how much time you take off'.
    28th Nov 2018
    I received equal pay for equal work back in the 70s and how the males hated it despite me doing the same job.

    Most males are very insecure creatures. For centuries they have suppressed women around various parts of the globe for fear of losing so called power.
    1st Dec 2018
    Good onya Jackie. The fempire strikes back! May the force be with you.

    28th Nov 2018
    Positive signs of progress
    Shows that the patriachy is slowly being dismantled and the gender pay gap will be eliminated in the next decade or so.
    Once we reach the target of 55,000 divorces per year, true equality would have been attained
    28th Nov 2018
    Now I know you did that for a send-up - thanks for the laugh..
    28th Nov 2018
    Reading some of the "men" comments is eye-opening. Equality means equality in treatment. Men and women do the same job, they should be paid the same. If a woman wants to work on the roads for the local council and she is capable of doing the job, then she should to do so and should be paid at the same rate as a man. If a woman is appointed CEO of a corporation, her salary package and bonus should be the same as a man. There is one thing that is a turn off for many, dare I say most women and that is the old fashioned patriachial male. The days of keeping the little woman in her place have gone.
    28th Nov 2018
    a. Nobody said anything but genuinely eq1ual treatment... which is not the 'feminist' version.

    b. Women in the same job and conditions etc are paid the same by law - this has been the case for decades now.

    c. CEOs etc negotiate packages - none is the same as any other (same as television personalities)...

    I've seen no patriarchal males here .... only those who discuss genuine equality and not preferential treatment for some ...though some women these days definitely need to be kept in their place.
    1st Dec 2018
    I have not drilled into those numbers but I will have a guess at why QLD divorce rate is higher.
    There are two playgrounds in QLD. Gold Coast and Cairns. I would have a guess and say the divorce rate in the Gold Coast is possibly the highest in the world. Women are attracted by the speculators and men by the variety of opportunity. In other words people may go to a place like that to get married or divorced.

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