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The latest in Australia’s Great Train Journeys is departing for its second season!

Travelling between Adelaide / Melbourne and Brisbane, you will be embarking on the latest addition to Australia’s Great Train Journeys – The Southern Spirit. The most recent addition to our fleet was named in honour of the spirit of rail adventure, held in the hearts of those men and women responsible for opening up the far reaches of this great continent.

Planning for the second season of The Southern Spirit is now underway. As we add the finishing touches to our latest journey, we invite you to register your interest at and be among the first to book for the 2011 season.

The Southern Spirit will take you from Adelaide – the gateway to the Australian outback – on a journey of discovery through four states and Australia’s Capital Territory, as it winds its way through hills and ranges, then skirts the coast destined for the sub tropical city of Brisbane. Over six unforgettable days, unwind and share in a journey filled with the essence of Australia’s south east.

Our timetable makes the most of the daylight hours to offer unsurpassed views of the passing landscape. From the inspiring beauty of the Adelaide hills with sweeping Murray mallee unfolding before your eyes, the first stage of the journey offers a different perspective on South Australia you simply can’t afford to miss.
With a short stop in Melbourne, you have the opportunity to taste the cosmopolitan capital before rejoining the train to meet new fellow travellers joining this epic adventure.

The Southern Spirit then continues to the north, crossing the mighty Murray River again and weaving through the Great Dividing Range before tracing the east coast as you continue toward your final destination in the Queensland capital of Brisbane. Of course, you can always travel from Brisbane to Adelaide – it’s just as impressive.

Register now to be among the first to receive the full itinerary for the 2011 season and take advantage of a limited pre-release booking window as a registered member.

Places onboard this exclusive rail adventure will be strictly limited and highly sought after – so be among the first to book your place on the latest in Australia’s Great Train Journeys.

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