Australian travellers’ top seven pet peeves

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When travelling, some people seem to think that their manners can also take a holiday. From the seat basher to the gate crasher, here are Australia’s top seven travel pet peeves, as per a recent Skyscanner Australia survey.

1. The stinky traveller
A resounding 30 per cent of those surveyed said that smelly travellers are their biggest turn-off. From those who think that washing clothes is left for the fifth dimension, to the ones who don’t know what deodorant looks (or smells) like, pungent passengers top the list of pet peeves.

2. The seat basher
Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, at some stage or another, you’ve had the seat basher sit behind you. Or the kid who sits in front and pulls back and forth on the chair while you juggle hot coffee and a book. Around 27 per cent of respondents ranked kicking, pushing, pulling and bumping seats as their number one pet peeve.

3. The lounge chair traveller
I’d be one of the 17 per cent of travellers who, while flying domestic, hate the person in front reclining their seat back. International flight? Fine, but it’s really quite unnecessary to recline your seat on a one-hour flight. It’s already tight enough in economy.

4. The armrest hog
Coming in fourth with nine per cent of the vote is the armrest hog. It’s common knowledge that, if you’re on the aisle or the window seat, then you should relinquish the armrest to the poor sap in the middle seat. Or you could at least just use the half of the armrest closest to you. Also, a note to the guy manspreading in the middle seat: while you may have the rights to the armrests, you don’t have the right to spread out further than that. Stick to your seat, sailor!

5. The impatient traveller
Seven per cent of Australians rate the impatient traveller as their top aggravation. You know, the woman who thinks that making her connecting flight means shoving whatever and whomever out of her way, or the guy who’s way more important than you and just has to be at the front of the boarding queue.

6. The talkative traveller
Seven per cent of those surveyed said that they hate getting the seat next to the chatty solo traveller who just has to tell them their life story. Or the seat behind an overly enthusiastic tourist who talks super loud to their travel buddy. That’s not to mention the teen with the music blaring so loudly from their earbuds that it’s a wonder they aren’t deaf as a post. These situations are when you’ll thank the gods for noise-cancelling headphones.

7. Other peeves
Three per cent said public displays of affection and other peeves topped their list.

What ‘other’ peeves would you add to this list?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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Total Comments: 16
  1. 0

    The leg jiggler. Ugh.

  2. 0

    The seriously overweight passenger who takes half your seat as well as their own.

  3. 0

    Kids on planes. Had a return flight from o/s with about a dozen kids around in the plane. One brat behind me kept kicking the seat till I reclined my seat onto him. Best part was coming to land and ALL the kids started a screaming chorus(prob due to changing air pressure).
    I would suggest that parents with kids be placed at the rear of the plane with a screen separating them from other passengers. Better yet send them by cargo ship!

    • 0

      That’s a bit mean. One of my well travelled grandkids has been flying since he was just months old. At nearly 11 it is hard to keep him awake before the plane takes off! The other one just does as she is told! Don’t blame the kids blame the parents. I have many times asked children to stop kicking the seat and if they don’t I ask the parents to stop them. If that doesn’t happen I call for staff to fix the problem. How to stop air pressure problems – as soon as the aircraft starts it descent use some nose drops. This keeps the tubes open and stops the pain. If someone needs to go in cargo it is the obese passenger who takes up more than their fair share of the row of seats.

    • 0

      We used to corral smokers into one place and I have often thought it would be a good idea to move all parents and kids to a single section.

      There would be wins all round: the kids would keep each other amused, the parents would be with other parents who would save the eye rolling, kids could kick the seat in front of them with vigour and impunity, the crew would be able to service them all as a group more efficiently and appropriately and the rest of the passengers would be able to travel in relative comfort and peace.

      Everyone wins.

    • 0

      I remember getting on a plane and being surrounded with a teenage sports team, I thought here goes and prepared myself for five hours of misery. Their behavior was impeccable, just a pity that the grown up supervision couldn’t keep their hands of the grog and degenerate into loud mouthed bogans for most of the trip.

  4. 0

    Well, Arisaid, your kids must in a very small group of well behaved ones.
    Sorry, I don’t carry nose drops and I’m sure that if I tried to stuff some up other peoples kids noses I would get into trouble. Obviously most parents have no idea of what to do in cases like this.

  5. 0

    Hand luggage which is obviously larger than the guidelines suggest. At most boarding gates there is a steel frame next to the door which is supposed to be used to confirm whether hand luggage is the right size. You’ve all seen it but assume that it’s a footrest for the aircrew as that is all the use it gets. I recall a backpacker, with a backpack that was almost as tall as she was, stuffing it in the overhead locker and taking up the room reserved for another three passengers.

  6. 0

    The baby who cries a lot during a flight and the parents make no effort to comfort the child. Yuk

  7. 0

    The baby who cries a lot during a flight and the parents make no effort to comfort the child. Yuk

  8. 0

    No. 2 seat basher is one issue that irritates. Recent flight I had a man pushing his knees into back of my seat. I stood up and requested he sit up straight etc. problem solved.

  9. 0

    Its easy to complain about all these annoyances but what to do about it.I personally will say something to the person concerned in a calm manner this usually works.Smelly people(mainly men)is difficult but you have a right to complain to the flight crew(a change of seat or the smelly one moved eslewear)

  10. 0

    Or most of us could avoid every peeve and help save the planet by just never flying.

    Peeves and no planet OR no peeves and a planet. Is it a difficult choice…?

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