Australia’s biggest new attraction

You may have seen the Big Pineapple or the Big Prawn, but what about the Big Bogan?

Australia’s latest big attraction is none other than the Big Bogan.

You may have heard of the Big Pineapple, or the Big Prawn, but the latest giant structure to be unveiled is the five-metre high statue of an
Aussie bogan. Located in the town of Nyngan in country NSW, in what surely isn’t a coincidence, falls within the Shire of Bogan.

Depicting a true blue Aussie Bogan, the statue is scarily accurate featuring details including a mullet, singlet, Southern Cross tattoo, esky, earring and some questionable facial hair.

With the idea originally put forward by Reverend Graham McLeod in April this year, the hope was the giant bogan would attract tourists to Nyngan, a small town with only 2000 residents.

Taking the concept of putting itself on the map very literally, the mayor of Bogan Shire Council, Ray Donald, said the response has been very good so far.

What do you think of Australia’s biggest new attraction? Will you be going to visit the Big Bogan when you’re next in NSW? 


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    10th Oct 2015
    I'll bite.
    Where do you find 'em Sue?
    Respectfully, would you want this in your town? It is an embarrassment that we have so many bogans in our country and that those are identify with this cohort have no shame but a statue????? Really! Enough to make person want to move.
    10th Oct 2015
    You are ever so right, mick. There are enough of these personally irresponsible in every way people around right now and any sign of society's acceptance of their appearance or behaviour is a slur to Australia's dignity.
    10th Oct 2015
    A statue of Les Patterson would be more tasteful and patriotic - and that's saying something!
    10th Oct 2015
    Well done by the shire.
    Just trying to attract a few tourists and having some fun at the same time!
    Forget the nay sayers.
    They like knocking anyone who has an idea......but never have an idea themselves1
    Tony B.
    10th Oct 2015
    Me I'm goen there, cummon Sharkies!

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