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Teaching an old dog new (savings) tricks

We're taught to save all our lives - until we retire. Solving the spending dilemma.


Overcoming over-confidence in financial planning

One of the all-time greatest investors tells how to safeguard your retirement in one word.

Retirement Income

How much can you confidently spend in retirement?

Challenger explains how to calculate whether your retirement savings will last the journey.

Age Pension

Making sure you plan for the Age Pension ‘gap’

Your spending will change in retirement. Knowledge equals confidence.


Retirement outlook positive, trends show

Older Australians can take a bow for the way they have weathered the pandemic storm.

Seniors Finance

How to get the pension you’re entitled to

Recent changes to means testing could put more money in your pocket.


How the COVID fallout is affecting you

Survey reveals a major rethink about retirement savings as a result of the pandemic.


How to keep your retirement on track

Humans have a natural preference for things to stay as they are. But in a world where change is


How share market affects your nest egg

For many, understanding investment risk has been a painful lesson of COVID-19.


Are you in aged care denial?

Challenger shares five facts that might surprise you when it comes to aged care planning.


Help make your money last a lifetime

Poor market returns can have a big impact on your retirement income, but a lifetime annuity can

How much is enough?

Boosting confidence in retirement

Do you know how much you can ‘safely' spend in retirement? Accurium (part of the Challenger group)