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Retirement Affordability Index

Too many people fail to plan for aged care – don’t be one of them

What should be considered ahead of time when a move into residential aged care looks likely.

Retirement Affordability Index

The big three retirement risks (and how to protect yourself against them)

Does your retirement income plan - or lack of a plan - keep you awake at night? These may be


New research highlights age discrimination in the workforce

Are older workers getting a 'fair go'? No, and that must change, study finds.

Making the transition to retirement

Life changes needn't be life changing (part two)

Life's full of twists and turns. Adapt with confidence - whatever life brings.


Life changes needn't be life changing

Life's full of twists and turns. Change happens. Adapt with confidence - whatever life brings.


Teaching an old dog new (savings) tricks

We're taught to save all our lives - until we retire. Solving the spending dilemma.


Overcoming over-confidence in financial planning

One of the all-time greatest investors tells how to safeguard your retirement in one word.

Retirement Income

How much can you confidently spend in retirement?

Challenger explains how to calculate whether your retirement savings will last the journey.

Age Pension

Making sure you plan for the Age Pension 'gap'

Your spending will change in retirement. Knowledge equals confidence.


The trends from 2020 that support a positive outlook in retirement

Older Australians can take a bow for the way they have weathered the pandemic storm.

Seniors Finance

Are you getting the Aged Pension you’re entitled to?

Australians are living longer healthier lives. But many worry about the impact of share market


COVID-19 ushers in new period of retirement income uncertainty

Survey reveals a major rethink about retirement savings as a result of the pandemic.

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