Jo Lamble

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Jo Lamble is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for the past 20 years. She sees individuals, couples, and groups and specialises in relationship issues.

Jo is the resident psychologist on Channel 9's Today show. Jo also gives corporate seminars and speeches on relationship, family and parenting issues. She is regularly heard being interviewed on radio across the country each week.




Paying your way

Denise's daughter never offers to pay or contribute when they go out. What can she do?

Living in retirement

No need to be lonely

How can you maintain a social network without your work mates once you retire?

Health news

How to deal with nosey neighbours

Tilly's neighbour has been spending time at her house, and it's driving Tilly crazy.


My house, my rules

How can May reinforce ‘my house, my rules' when her grandchildren are running riot?


Dealing with financial infidelity

Jo Lamble has advice on how John can get past his wife's financial infidelity.


How can I assure her family?

Bert has just started a new relationship, but is facing opposition from the woman's family.

Living in retirement

Should you live together?

Jo Lamble explains why you should - or should not - live together.


Just the two of us

Some simple guidelines may ensure you don't regret your decision to spend more time with your

Health news

Whose trust do I break?

Bill feels uncomfortable lying to his daughter, but doesn't want to break his wife's trust.


Undeserved council complaints

Does the council take malicious complainers into account?


Grandson’s inappropriate girlfriend

Richard is worried about his grandson's first girlfriend, who has a poor reputation.

Health & Ageing

Is he being unfair?

Sarah's dad has been struggling since his wife went into aged care.

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