Dianne Motton

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Dianne Motton teaches English at a secondary school in Melbourne, has always had a passion for travel and writes quirky stories about what she observes.



Friday Reflection: How pandemics make us consider our mortality

Dianne Motton remembers how a conversation about Ebola has now become a reality.


Comfort food faves: Chip sandwiches, stewed fruit and tomato soup

Bliss: Disneyland on the telly and a bowl of tomato soup on your lap.


A convict in the cupboard

When investigating Dianne Motton's family tree, she hoped for an interesting find.

Aged Care

Friday Reflection: Planning for a grey future

Dianne Motton considers why there is such hostility towards moving into aged care.


Are school kids these days just a little bit lazy?

Do you remember the pleasure of dawdling home after school?


Pondering love letter etiquette

Have you kept love letters from a former beau? Should you have?


‘I have embarked on a journey, and I don’t know the destination’

Dianne Motton dips her toes into the waters of retirement.

Social Networking

The appalling role models influencing younger generations

Dianne Motton wonders what damage social media 'influencers' are doing to the young.

Travel News

Travel does at times confront us and make us squirm

Dianne Motton shares a confronting travel tale.


Films and books that changed your life

The other day on the radio an announcer asked the audience for the film that had changed their


Retail therapy post COVID

With the to-do list of household chores knocked over during lockdown, what now?


Life (almost) captured on Saigon streets

Saigon: a feast for the soul, a sensory overload of sights, smells and noise.

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