Ellie Baxter

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Ellie Baxter is a writer, baker and psychology student who loves to travel. She has visited 33 countries over five continents and doesn’t have plans to stop any time soon. When not at her writing desk, you’ll find Ellie trying a new dessert recipe, on her yoga mat or out walking her two dogs.


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Unexpected places you can get skin cancer

Skin cancer is often curable if you find it early, so check your skin regularly.


Thirty-day deep cleaning challenge

These tasks will help you declutter and clean every nook and cranny in your home.


Italy to ban large cruise ships in centre of Venice

Cruise ships docking in the city centre are threats to the lagoon.


Most stolen hotel items

The most common, and most bizarre, items stolen from hotels.

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What’s causing my loss of smell and taste?

There are many possible culprits, from a simple head cold to a head injury.


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Make dog ownership more affordable

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Most beautiful city parks around the world

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Travel News

Australia’s overseas arrivals must now declare vaccine status

You will now need proof of your vaccination history when entering Australia.

Travel Deals

Snap up these travel deals

The travel sector is looking to get people booking holidays.

Your Health

Dos and don’ts after a blood clot

There are some lifestyle changes you should make after a blood clot.

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