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How to connect with nature indoors

Create a pocket of calm and tranquillity through biophilic design.


How to add a pop art twist to your garden

Liven up your outside space with neon containers, sizzling artwork and exotic plants.


Would you buy garden plants off eBay?

One garden designer created a tropical showstopper using solely eBay plants.


How to create memory pots with plants

Spark thoughts of your happiest times with these memory plant containers.


How heart surgery gave Bob Mortimer a new lease on life

Comedic mischief-maker says he now has only 'five to seven sugars in his tea'.


How to grow mushrooms and help save the earth

Merlin Sheldrake on the magic of mushrooms and their more unusual properties.


Expert advice on repotting your plants

Everything you need to know about repotting your houseplants correctly.


Sri Lanka's tea experts reveal their secrets for the perfect brew

Have you mastered the art of tea making? Sri Lanka's experts reveal their secrets.


Author Adele Parks on yoga, walking and sleep

The bestselling novelist admits she hasn't completely cracked switching off.


How to stop your plants dying while you're on holiday

Dos and don'ts for keeping your plants alive while you're away.


How to make skincare products with plants from your garden

Organic gardener Tanya Anderson tells how to use garden plants to aid wellbeing.


How to turn rubble into a garden

Here's how you can reuse the garden hardcore rubbish you'd otherwise throw away.

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