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Rebecca has worked in journalism for 20 years, been a DIY-er for more, and is in the middle of her very own grand design. Retirement seems a long way off! In her spare time she rows surfboats, plays volleyball with her kids and dreams of future holidays.



How animal fat got such a bad rap and what research tells us now

Fat gives food flavour, fills us up and is essential for health, but which is best?

Banking & Investment

Rate of bank closures surprises even those supposedly in the know

Seniors advocate labels closures a 'form of institutionalised elder abuse'.


Researchers prove age-old strategy boosts wellbeing

A little adventure to look forward to can lift many a lonely heart.


Drug for back pain may be doing more harm than good

Research finds muscle relaxants are potentially unsafe when treating lower back pain.


Time to admit our recycling dream is a load of rubbish

With an export ban on plastics now in place, Australia has to sort out its own rubbish.

Health news

Researchers a step closer to easing sleep nightmare

Two repurposed drugs found to cut nightly sleep apnoea episodes by a third.


Finally, there's an app that maps COVID activity near you

Finally, there's an app that maps COVID activity near you.


Researchers zero in on AstraZeneca 'quick fix'

Researchers zero in on AstraZeneca quick fix.


Unprecedented number of retirees facing mortgage stress: OECD report

Our household debt is second only to Switzerland, with soaring property prices blamed.


Meat industry wants naming guidelines beefed up

Vegan products muscling in on the meat market trigger Senate inquiry.


Countries with the longest retirement

This country's workers can look forward to the longest of retirements.

Health News

Early detection tools the key in battle with killer cancer

Survey shows it takes three to six appointments before pancreatic cancer is considered.

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