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Rebecca has worked in journalism for 20 years, been a DIY-er for more, and is in the middle of her very own grand design. Retirement seems a long way off! In her spare time she rows surfboats, plays volleyball with her kids and dreams of future holidays.



Are you failing your 'children' on this front?

Research suggests this is why too many women struggle with their finances.

Brain health

How you may be doubling your risk of dementia

Study finds strong link between poor sleep and dementia.

Health news

Diabetes drug delivers ‘game-changing’ results for weight loss

Drug likely to change the way we treat obesity, say researchers.

Banking & Investment

Customers shut out as bank branches close

Big Four branch closures gather pace as cheques set to bite the dust.

Federal Government

Federal treasurers slammed for ‘ignoring’ this group

Government taken to task over its blind spot in relation to the role of women in the economy.


The diet that's best for weight loss and cholesterol

Study shows a Mediterranean diet is not No. 1 if you want to shed extra kilos.

Superannuation News

Call to tax retirees' super income

ACOSS seeks a tax on retirees' superannuation earnings to fund aged care.

Seniors Finance

Financial advisers fight back as their numbers plummet

No choice but to pass on extra costs created by royal commission: spokesperson.

Health news

New melanoma treatment a game-changer in cancer therapy

Australian doctors report a major breakthrough using immunotherapy.

Aged Care

Report reveals whether money buys you better aged care

Research reveals differences and concerns in facilities with more government-supported residents.

Health news

Australia 'most health-concerned country in the world'

Global survey finds Australians are most concerned about their health, but meditation is soothing

Health news

Alarming jump in these cancer diagnoses

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, but blood cancers on the rise.

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