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Rebecca has worked in journalism for 20 years, been a DIY-er for more, and is in the middle of her very own grand design. Retirement seems a long way off! In her spare time she rows surfboats, plays volleyball with her kids and dreams of future holidays.


Age Pension

Merge Age Pension asset and income tests: Actuaries Institute

Pre-Budget submission targets climate change, the gig economy and wealth inequality.


Government urged to slash interest rate on retiree scheme

Given record low interest rates, loans scheme must be reviewed, says lobby group.

Health news

How to cook this grain to remove a toxic ingredient

One of our favourite carbs comes with an unhealthy serving of heavy metal.

Brain health

Obesity weighs on Alzheimer's

A new Alzheimer's study finds being overweight puts more pressure on brain health.

Health news

Medical marijuana now available over the counter

From today, medical marijuana can be bought without a doctor's prescription.


GPs warn of dangers as health checks plummet

Massive drop in cancer tests has medicos fearing late diagnoses may be too late for some.


COVID outbreak on naval ship shows masks the best defence

Face masks provided more protection for US sailors at close quarters: study


State Trustees warn financial elder abuse on the rise in time of COVID

Increased reliance on family in time of COVID putting more older people at risk.

Health News

Aspirin back in fashion with stunning bowel cancer results

Long-term study shows aspirin a major cancer preventative.

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