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Ryan Boutland spent several years as YourLifeChoices digital assistant. In his time with YourLifeChoices, Ryan was responsible for the production and creation of many Technology articles as well as unique Video content. Contact:


Finance News

New taxi service in Australia

A new, affordable taxi service is being released in Australia, but is it worth the risk?


Apple to fix faulty iPhone 5s

Apple is offering free repairs on all faulty iPhone 5s models.

Safety Online

Facebook video scams

Don't fall victim to this video scam.


Google’s $50 smartphone

The world's first modular smartphone for just $50.

Computer Tutorials

10 more keyboard shortcuts

These 10 more shortcuts for Mac and PC will turn you into a real technology pro.

Software & Downloads

Get the new Google Maps

Google Maps' most recent update brings numerous new features.

Cruise Deals

$39 Vivid Sydney evening cruise

Save 60 per cent on an evening cruise.

Safety Online

Australia Post email scam

A new scam is disguising itself as an official communication from Australia Post.


Great Gadget: Chromecast

Google's new streaming gadget is on the way.


49 per cent of adults send sexts

A new survey shows that half of adults are sexting.

New Zealand

$1837 3-nights luxury accommodation for 2 in Rotorua

Save on luxurious lodge accommodation in NZ.


Fixing mobile black spots

The Government is asking for help to improve mobile black spots.

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