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Ryan Boutland spent several years as YourLifeChoices digital assistant. In his time with YourLifeChoices, Ryan was responsible for the production and creation of many Technology articles as well as unique Video content. Contact:



Is PayPal safe?

Bobby is trying to buy a gift online, and the only payment option offered is PayPal.


How much sleep do you need?

Watch this quick video to find out how much sleep you need at different stages of your life.

Computer Tutorials

Five more Google tricks

These five Google search tricks will help you while travelling, shopping online and more.


Double your battery life

We've found the top five battery extenders for all your devices.

Technology News

Antivirus – free vs paid

Antivirus software is a necessity for staying safe online, but is the price tag as well?

Technology News

Best free internet browsers

These free internet browsers can make browsing the internet quicker and more customisable.

Tutorials / How To

How to turn off Facebook emails

Declutter your inbox by disabling unnecessary Facebook notification emails.

Computer Tutorials

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Be more efficient on your computer with these 10 keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac.

Computer Tutorials

Top 10 internet browsing shortcuts

Ryan's 10 simple keyboard shortcuts will make browsing the web quicker and easier.


How to wipe your smartphone

Find out how to protect your privacy and wipe your data before selling your smartphone or tablet.

Health news

10 foods you don’t need to refrigerate

You might be surprised that some of these foods are better placed in the pantry than in the

Credit Cards

ATM skimming explained

ATM skimming scammers cost Australians close to $40 million a year. n n

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