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Ryan Boutland spent several years as YourLifeChoices digital assistant. In his time with YourLifeChoices, Ryan was responsible for the production and creation of many Technology articles as well as unique Video content. Contact:



How to make your smartphone run faster

Is your smartphone or tablet running a little slow? These tips will get it up to warp speed.

Credit Cards

ATM skimming: protect yourself from the scammers

ATM skimming scammers cost Australians close to $40 million a year. n n

Computer Tutorials

Free up space on your device

Deleting items you don't use will free up space and make your device run faster.


How to digitally clean your computer, smartphone or tablet

you can speed up your device by tidying up and deleting old files.


How to ‘un-send’ messages

Peter Dutton's message snafu has caused a stir, but can you avoid doing the same?


Avoid digital disaster: how to 'un-send' an email

Find out how to un-send an email and avoid a digital disaster with this quick and easy video tutorial.


Video tutorial: how to clear your internet browser history

Did you know that your internet browser keeps a detailed record of every website you visit?


Five tips to protect online privacy

We all take the internet and social media for granted, but, unfortunately, so do cyber criminals.


Are free Virtual Private Networks or VPNs worth it?

Will cutting back on costs mean cutting back on protection?


Fifteen clean foods for when organic isn’t an option

When organic isn't an option for you, try these 15 clean foods instead.


Five ways technology will change the way we age

Ageing is going to be a lot different in the future of smart devices.

Identity Theft

Should I save passwords in my internet browser?

Is the convenience worth the potential risk?

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