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Ryan Boutland spent several years as YourLifeChoices digital assistant. In his time with YourLifeChoices, Ryan was responsible for the production and creation of many Technology articles as well as unique Video content. Contact:



Should you buy a refurbished iPad?

Ryan explains refurbished devices and if they're worth purchasing.


Budget home security: feel safer and more secure on a budget

Secure your house for a fraction of the price with these tips and tricks.


Tech Q&A: what happens if I don’t safely disconnect USB drives?

Can you damage your USB devices by unplugging without safely disconnecting?


How does your smartphone or tablet get a virus?

Find out how they can become infected so you can stay one step ahead.

Mobile Phones

Nokia’s new phone isn’t quite what you would expect

Nokia's new $70 phone harks back to an age now passed.

Social Networking

Is Facebook’s new ‘Discover People’ feature invasive?

The feature allows you to discover users who live nearby or attend the same events.


Five classic sci-fi gadgets that have become reality

Did you ever think these science fiction gadgets would become reality?


New smart glasses help blind people to navigate

A new gadget from CES aims to help blind people to navigate and perform tasks.


How to make your email account hacker-proof

Secure your email account from hackers with two easy steps.


How to use your smartphone to play music through your car radio

Wouldn't long trips be much nicer with your favourite albums, podcasts or audiobooks?


Guide to selling your items on the internet

Selling old items you don't use anymore is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Computer Tutorials

How to take a screenshot

Find out how to take a picture of what's on your screen.

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