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Jason is a graduate of the University of Melbourne. He enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has developed an interest in spinal pain and headaches. He is a hands-on physio who utilises manual therapy, soft tissue therapy and dry needling. He is also a strong advocate for exercise therapy and runs Strength Training classes and Clinical Pilates. Outside of work Jason enjoys keeping active and is a keen surfer and basketballer. Contact:



What is core strength and why is it so important?

Physiotherapist Jason Lee discusses the importance of core strength.


What’s involved in a reformer Pilates class?

Physiotherapist Jason Lee explains the benefits of reformer Pilates.


Tennis elbow: how it can be treated

Jason Lee explains what can be done to treat tennis elbow.


How can pain after knee surgery be best managed?

Is more rehabilitation or better medication the answer after a knee replacement?

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Has using your device given you ‘text neck’?

‘Text neck' maybe on the rise but what can be done to ease the strain?


How to counteract the negative effects of sitting

Jason Lee explains how you can offset the detrimental effects of sitting.

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Managing back pain this festive season

Jason Lee has some handy hints to help you manage back pain.

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Current osteoporosis treatments

Glenda wants to know about the most up-to-date treatments for osteoporosis.

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Is Pilates good for foot drop?

Jason Lee answers Alex's question of whether Pilates is good for treating foot drop.


Getting back into exercise

Returning to exercise after a long period can often seem a daunting task.


Wearable technology for exercise

Wearable fitness gadgets are the latest trend in technology.


Your Pilates questions answered

Jason Lee has kindly taken the time to answer your Pilates questions.

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