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Through compelling story-telling and expert commentary framed by current affairs, Lens aims to bring into sharp focus the work being undertaken by our research and academic communities and the impact that work is having on a global scale. Monash is a dynamic place of discovery. With more than 8000 academic staff across multiple campuses, including Malaysia, and international partnerships, it is Australia’s largest university. Through industry partnerships and collaboration with government and other organisations many of those discoveries are being translated into innovation that is having an immediate community benefit.


Mental Health

How storytelling is helping us better understand ageing and loneliness

Storytelling is helping thousands of Australians cope with loneliness.


Blueprint for when the next coronavirus strikes - and in which year

Something similar to COVID will happen again, says Professor Carl Kirkpatrick.

Health news

The soaps scientists say should be banned

How COVID hygiene practices are feeding the superbugs.


Pros and cons of a 'stranger' in the house

Study reveals how smart technology can lift the spirits and ease the daily workload.


The mental health toll of unpaid care

COVID has magnified the stresses of unpaid care, research finds.


COVID-19: How to maintain those good routines after lockdown

Time to eliminate bad lockdown habits and reinforce the good ones.

Banking & Investment

Why do bankers behave so badly?

They make too much money to ask questions, says Associate Professor Mark Crosby.

Pain Management

Mind over matter – the dictates of pain

Research shows when it comes to pain, it's mind over matter.