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Craig Hall is part of the National Information Centre on Retirement Investments Inc (NICRI). NICRI information leaflets are available on its websites and



The magic of compound interest

Interest is calculated on the increasing balance, generating more and more interest.

Banking & Investment

Common investment mistakes

Do you make any of these common investment mistakes?


Should you downsize?

There can be many reasons to downsize your home, but should you do it?

How much is enough?

How much do you need?

Craig Hall explains how to calculate how much you need for retirement.


MySuper explained

MySuper has been around for almost two years, but do you know how it works?

Finance News

Financial services fees explained

Craig Hall explains common financial fees to consider before you invest.

Retirement Planning

Finding a financial planner

Those approaching retirement are no doubt being confronted with some important financial decisions.

Finance News

Financial pitfalls to avoid

As NICRI's Craig Hall explains, even the simplest money mistakes can cost you dearly.

Work Bonus

What is the Work Bonus?

Craig Hall explains how the Work Bonus can help your claim for the Age Pension.

Banking & Investment

Claim your credits for extra income

How do you claim the extra income due from franking credits?

Seniors Finance

Five money tips when travelling

Five handy tips to help you avoid financial pitfalls on your holiday.

Banking & Investment

Learn from your financial mistakes

While mistakes can't always be avoided, you can try and learn from them, including those commonly

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