Craig Hall

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Craig Hall is part of the National Information Centre on Retirement Investments Inc (NICRI). NICRI information leaflets are available on its websites and


Mortgage & home Loans

Can I use super to pay my mortgage?

YOURLifeChoices member Tony is trying to reduce his debt by paying off some of his mortgage with

Pension eligibility

How shares affect the Age Pension

Janet is concerned that an elderly acquaintance may not be getting the correct Age Pension assessment.

Age Pension

Allocated pension merger

Craig Hall of the National Information Centre for Retirement Investments INC (NICRI) has some


Can we still contribute?

Craig Hall of NICRI helps a couple approaching 65 clarifiy their options contributing to their

Legal & General

What you need to tell the tax man

With tax time approaching, do you need to complete a tax return and if so, what do you need to


Children’s savings and grandparents’ gifting

Many grandparents across Australia are keen to contribute in some way to the bringing up of

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