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How to book a hearing aid test safely during COVID-19

Everyday life is very different right now due to the pandemic. However, you can still safely book

Health Insurance

Be prepared for a second rate rise in just six months

This April health premiums are due to go up by 2.74%.

Health Insurance

What health insurers won’t tell you about saving money on your policy

Find out how your loyalty is likely costing you.

Health Insurance

8 reasons why your health insurance isn’t giving you value for money

Saving on health insurance is more than just finding the cheapest policy.

Health Insurance

Your health insurance is about to go up. Again.

Do you feel like the cost of your health insurance is always going up?

Seniors Finance

Your retirement 'pay cheque'

How to ensure stability when a regular salary becomes a thing of the past.

Seniors Finance

Energy rebates and concessions for Australian Seniors in South Australia

Stop overpaying for energy and find out how you can get an energy rebate and concessions.

Health Insurance

10 ways to get cheaper health insurance in 2021

Are you looking for simple and affordable private health insurance in 2021? Do you want peace

Seniors Finance

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Moving house? Waiting until the last minute to switch energy providers could cost you hundreds of


Celebrating quitters: Give up smoking and save on your life cover

How ex-smokers can save hundreds on life insurance.

Health Insurance

How the wrong extras coverage could be costing you

Health fund extras reset soon. Are you on the right policy?


Beware the 'junk' life insurance hidden in your super

Millions of Aussies may be paying for life insurance that's 'junk'.

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