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Seniors savings & discounts

Save big bucks on last-minute Father's Day shopping

Save up to 30 per cent more on Father's Day shopping with this special offer!

Seniors Finance

Up to 70% off and 30% cashback in major Aussie retailers' mega sale

Save up to 30 per cent more on your Afterpay Day sales shopping with this trick.

Health news

Why Baby Boomers are missing out on health insurance savings

Thousands of savvy savers are using Health Insurance Comparison to cut their premiums without compromising


Government subsidies now make better hearing more affordable

The quality hearing aid you've been searching for could be cheaper than you think.

Seniors Finance

The great energy bill pricing gap and why you’re missing out

Three government bodies are saying households should be paying less for energy.


Can you access your home equity to pay for aged care?

Most Australians prefer to stay in their own home as they age, but can they pay for care?


Why you shouldn’t delay in getting your hearing tested

Hearing aid tests have adapted to COVID-19 restrictions.

Health Insurance

10 Ways to Get Cheaper Health Insurance in 2021

Pay for what you want to use. Simple and affordable private health insurance in 2021

Seniors Finance

Knowing this energy company trick can help you keep your bills low

Got a super cheap deal on your energy rates last year? Here's why you could be in for a nasty

Health Insurance

Stick or twist: Should you cancel your health cover?

Ditching your health cover might leave you high and dry when you need it most.


You could be eligible for hearing device subsidies

Did you know that the quality hearing aid you've been searching for could be cheaper than you

Health Insurance

Six reasons your health fund won’t give you a better deal

Do you trust your health fund to give you a better deal?

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