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Five surprising foods for your bones

Here are five surprising foods for good bone health.

Your Health

Alzheimer’s disease – how it changes your body

It doesn't just affect memory: Alzheimer's also has a physical affect on your body.

Health news

Generic versus brand medicines

Learn the key differences between generic and big brand medicines - and when to switch.

Health Checks

Spotting the signs of skin cancer

This is what to look for when checking your skin for any signs of skin cancer.

Health news

Ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s

Early detection is the best way to halt the progress of Alzheimer's.

Health news

Five facts about blood thinners

Here are some facts on blood thinners, should you need to know them better.


Low fat or full cream milk – which is healthier?

Is it a misconception that low fat milk is healthier than the full cream variety?

Health news

How much sun is safe?

It's National Skin Cancer Week, so today, we'd like to discuss safe sun exposure.


Seven ways to keep the weight off

These seven lifestyle choices help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Health news

How to look after your heart

Today is World Heart Day, so find out how to look after your heart's health.

Health news

Your health – who’s in charge?

Lesh offers you a ‘no excuses' approach to own your wellbeing.

Health & Ageing

Osteoarthritis explained

How you can manage your symptoms and keep yourself moving with minimal pain.

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