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David’s two years in the public service convinced him that there could be a better way to spend his days than auditing seagulls. Stumbling into advertising sales (thanks to his former wife’s boss) and being a bear of somewhat limited imagination, he’s persevered with this pursuit despite considerable sage counsel that he should cease and desist. So it’s been forty years of roller-coasting through all aspects of advertising and, more recently, publishing with highlights such as being the founding publisher of BRW and Personal Investor followed a few years later with the same role at Time Australia. Tiring of corporate politics and endless meetings, in 1988 he established Indigo Arch Publishing to explore “self-employment” (ie, easing into retirement) and custom publishing. YourLifeChoices evolved (tortuously) from this company and David is proud of his glacial transition from print to the new-fangled online media which, he hopes, is not just another flash in the pan!




Solar savings on power bills

There's a cost to installing a solar system, but it should eventually save you money.


Thunder down under: touring Glasgow's Central Station

David take you on a tour of the beautifully preserved Glasgow Central Station.

England, Scotland & Wales

Inspecting the dark and historic side of Edinburgh

Rebus Tour takes in both Ian Rankin's writing and the wider history of Scotland's capital.


The freedom of the open road: touring the Northern UK

David takes you through all the twists and turns of his recent Northern UK driving holiday.

European Rail Tours

Riding the rails: First-class through the Scottish Highlands

David recently realised a dream rail tour through the Scottish Highlands.


Move surprising, until it all made perfect sense

Let's consider more closely the context of the PM's apparent 180 degree change of direction.


ANZAC Day: a distinctly Australian commemoration

Why do I, who never progressed beyond the school cadets, attend every Dawn Service?

Federal Election 2016

Turnbull Government handed double dissolution trigger

Australia is one step closer to a 2 July double dissolution election.

Movie Reviews

Last Cab to Darwin

Michael Caton's appearance was sufficient to entice me to see Last Cab to Darwin.

Living in retirement

Brendan Nelson: lessons learned

Brendan Nelson has squeezed a lot into just 58 years, all in the service of others.


The emotion of the Western Front

A visit to Villers-Bretonneux on the Western Front is a moving and educational experience.


ACF exposes Australia’s polluters

The Australian Conservation Foundation exposes Australia's 10 biggest polluters.

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