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David’s two years in the public service convinced him that there could be a better way to spend his days than auditing seagulls. Stumbling into advertising sales (thanks to his former wife’s boss) and being a bear of somewhat limited imagination, he’s persevered with this pursuit despite considerable sage counsel that he should cease and desist. So it’s been forty years of roller-coasting through all aspects of advertising and, more recently, publishing with highlights such as being the founding publisher of BRW and Personal Investor followed a few years later with the same role at Time Australia. Tiring of corporate politics and endless meetings, in 1988 he established Indigo Arch Publishing to explore “self-employment” (ie, easing into retirement) and custom publishing. YourLifeChoices evolved (tortuously) from this company and David is proud of his glacial transition from print to the new-fangled online media which, he hopes, is not just another flash in the pan!



Vale John Malcolm Fraser

There was a great deal more to Malcolm Fraser than the dismissal of Gough Whitlam's Government.


Remembrance Day 2014

Reflections on commemorating, not celebrating, Remembrance Day


Turnbull defends latest NBN report

Let's just build the NBN, not produce more reports.


Children granted bridging visas

All asylum-seeking children and their families must be released immediately


Grim future for Great Barrier Reef

Goodbye to the Great Barrier Reef


Domestic gas prices will soar

As gas exports from Queensland start, domestic gas prices are predicted to rise.


All aboard for some railway fun

David Fallick discovers a magnificent rail museum sure to please devotees both young and old.


FoFA changes to hurt investors

Abbott Government reforms emasculate investors' protection.

Book Reviews

50 people who stuffed up Australia

For a fun gift idea, David reviews Guy Rundle and Dexter Rightwad's latest offering.


The end of Australian manufacturing

The future of manufacturing in Australia looks particularly bleak.


Qantas back in the headlines

How do we (best) ensure Qantas stays Aussie?

Publisher's Pick

A little piece of Austria

So you think you know Australia or, specifically, country Victoria?

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