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Jean Hailes is Australia's leading and most trusted women's health organisation. Jean Hailes believes in physical and emotional health and wellbeing for all women in Australia throughout their lives. Contact: Website Email Published with the permission of Jean Hailes for Women's Health or call toll free 1800 JEAN HAILES (532 642).



Living a nightmare, but too scared to escape

Psychologist Gillian Needleman explains the signs of coercive control and how to seek help.

Women's Health

Pain ‘down there’: the different causes and when to seek help

It's not often talked about, but many women experience ongoing pain 'down there'.


We need to talk about loneliness

Feeling lonely is a sign you need to reconnect, and maybe do some things a bit differently.

Women's Health

Good health may just mean moving more

One person's story on the scare that made her put her health first.

Health & Ageing

A helping hand through menopause

The adage, you are what you eat, is never more true than during menopause.


Stay calm and keep on baking

These healthy tips mean you can have your cake and eat it too in these difficult times.


The power of positive change

Finding it difficult to break a habit and affect positive change? Here's how to do it …


Time to talk about herpes

We're getting better at discussing once delicate topics, now it's time for a candid conversation about


Sex and dating

How to have ‘the sex talk' with your new partner.


Power to the imperfect

We present the case for embracing the imperfect - because who isn't?


Exercises for better sex

A stronger libido and better orgasms can be attained through regular exercise.


Your time starts … now

Why it pays to start your New Year's resolution in February

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