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Rachel Tyler Jones joined YourLifeChoices as the assistant webmaster, in-house writer and general editorial go-to-girl but has since moved onto bigger and better things. She is still a regular contributor to the YourLifeChoices website. She has strong feelings about apostrophes and has recently discovered the art of soccer, which she plays very badly. In a past life Rachel was in the scouts, and claims she can still pitch a tent in a thunderstorm with one hand tied behind her back in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.


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Plain packaging for cigarettes

Tobacco companies say that plain packaging is unconstitutional.

The fewer smokers the better

I really object to being subjected to other people's cancer causing second-hand smoke.


Diet and exercise could prevent cancer

The Medical Journal of Australia has found that a quarter of cancers could be prevented by

Aged care system fails dementia sufferers

Alzheimer's Australia has released a report stating that the Australian aged care system is


Why is dementia so scary?

Dementia is scary. There is no cure, it can manifest in different ways, it does not discriminate between

Health News

Eat chocolate and lose weight

Eating chocolate can make you thinner. A new study into the health benefits of chocolate has


How to stop telemarketers

Rachel explains how to stop telemarketers from contacting you.

Children sexualised in advertising

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has released a statement calling for the Government to


Let children be children

I have been sucked in by the American reality television show Dance Moms. I'm not proud of


How to get your texts for free

SMS is fast becoming the preferred means of communication between Australians and with a little

Health News

Daylight savings affects your risk of heart attack

This Sunday it's time to set the clocks back an hour as daylight savings comes to an end, but

Watchdog vs Energy Companies

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken legal action against three

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