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Rachel Tyler Jones joined YourLifeChoices as the assistant webmaster, in-house writer and general editorial go-to-girl but has since moved onto bigger and better things. She is still a regular contributor to the YourLifeChoices website. She has strong feelings about apostrophes and has recently discovered the art of soccer, which she plays very badly. In a past life Rachel was in the scouts, and claims she can still pitch a tent in a thunderstorm with one hand tied behind her back in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.


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Social Networking

Beginner’s Guide to Google+

If you want to know what Google+ is and how to use it, read on for Rachel's complete beginner's guide,

Foster Care is too expensive

Recently the New South Wales government cut the Foster Care Allowance for over 16s by more than

It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child, and I think we need to start opening our doors and our

Social Networking

Demystifying YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest community websites on the internet today, and it has something for

Movie Reviews

The Hunter

In this haunting and beautiful Australian drama, The Hunter, Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe

Movie Reviews

The Cup

The Cup is the true story of the 2002 Melbourne Cup when, days before the race, jockey Damien Oliver

Same sex couples have dinner with Julia Gillard

Three same-sex couples dined with Julia Gillard and her partner last night at The Lodge. The

Pensioners aren’t cool enough

I do not begrudge the three same-sex couples their dinner with our Prime Minister last night. But

Attack of the iPhones

We always talk about ‘the machine' taking over as something that might happen in a distant, unlikely


More iPhones sold every second than babies born

There are now more iPhones being sold every second than there are babies being born worldwide. The

Plans & Caps

Comparing phone plans

Living solo can be more expensive than sharing living costs with a partner. Make sure you're not


Amazing paths locations

Do you know where these photos were taken? Let us know and you could win a copy of Budget Travel

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