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Ged McMahon joined the YourLifeChoices team in October of 2011 but has since moved on. He lives in Melbourne, is into sport, is the proud father of two gold fish and is considering getting a dog. Formerly a fitness instructor, he went back to school to study Professional Writing and Editing and is now carving a career as a writer.



Technology News

Connecting through communication

catch up with everyone, whether they live on the other side of the world or just the other side

Federer wins seventh Wimbledon

Roger Federer has answered his critics by winning yet another Grand Slam.

Spying on workers

An Australian company has made headlines for spying on workers taking sick leave.

Newsflash: Banks are greedy

Former senior employee of ANZ has said that the banking industry is greedy.

Salvos backlash

The Salvation Army is under fire after declaring homosexuality as an "unacceptable urge".

A step too far?

It's time the Jehovah's Witnesses reviewed their stance on blood transfusions.

Supreme Court orders blood transfusion

The SA Supreme Court has ordered that a 4-year-old Jehovah's Witness girl receive treatment.

Time for new role models?

Should we be looking elsewhere for our role models?

A rose by any other name

South Australia is being encouraged to change its name.

Editor's Choice

Win New Year’s Eve in Vienna

For a while now I've felt that New Year's Eve is a massive anti-climax. So many people build it

Why waste?

Ged admits to being a small-time food waster but is ready to change.

Viruses & Antivirus

Virus infects 600,000 Macs

A virus called the Flashback Trojan has infected over 600,000 Macs in recent weeks.

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