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Olga ran away from home to join YourLifeChoices in June after five years as a freelance journalist. Before that she had worked for 20 years as a finance reporter on a metropolitan daily newspaper. When she does sneak back home, she is surprised to find her three teenage children, two international students and two cats are still there. She is an avid reader of online content and dreams of one day retiring far from the Big Smoke.



Living in retirement

There are benefits to keeping your brain active

There are benefits to keeping your brain active after retirement.


Can drinking too much water endanger your health?

Drinking plenty of water is good for us, but too much of it could kill you.

Mental Health

Not all forgetfulness is a sign of dementia

We are all forgetful sometimes, but that doesn't mean it's dementia.


Proposal to ‘strip’ village residents of rights

Senior residents have slammed proposed Victorian legislation for the retirement village sector.


Women-only sleepovers while travelling are the new comfort zone

Women are demanding exclusive, female-only holidays and accommodation.


Beware governments bearing gifts for downsizers

Beware governments bearing superannuation gifts for downsizers.

Federal Government

Scrapping energy subsidy shocking way to treat pensioners

ACOSS: abolishing the energy supplement would be akin to human rights abuse.

Finance News

Olga’s analysis: health insurance watchdog lacks bite

ACCC report: health insurance umpire is a toothless tiger.

Health news

Home is where the hazard is for those prone to falling over

More older Australians living at home means more are likely to have a nasty fall.


Five ways your children will use technology to help you

If your children can't spare time, technology may come to your rescue.


Retirement village residents consider class action against managers

Aveo residents consider class action against ‘unconscionable' contracts.

Health News

Could new asthma remedy breathe life into pneumonia prevention?

Asthma remedy may one day help patients avoid pneumonia.

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