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Olga ran away from home to join YourLifeChoices in June after five years as a freelance journalist. Before that she had worked for 20 years as a finance reporter on a metropolitan daily newspaper. When she does sneak back home, she is surprised to find her three teenage children, two international students and two cats are still there. She is an avid reader of online content and dreams of one day retiring far from the Big Smoke.



Health news

Handy exercises for staying nimble fingered

The niftiest way to get a strong grip is literally at your fingertips - hand exercises.


Going out of your mind in search of calm

Are you a worrywart? Mindfulness can combat those negative thoughts.


How phishing scammers con their way to your ID

Older Australians have this year been stung to the tune of $113,000.


Vegan diets: a hippie hoax or recipe for health?

Is vegan food the new plate of the day?

Living in retirement

Residents call out retirement village owner on ‘gouging’

Residents call out retirement village owner over ‘gouging' and ‘other bad practices'.


Build better muscles with exercise at intervals

Interrupted exercise best for building muscle function.


Online directories narrow search for trustworthy tradies

Find out what others say before you hire your next tradesman.


Pawnbroking: a helping hand or the fast track to debt?

Pawnbroking can either lend a helping hand or slap you with painful debt.


Weaving through the web of love: winners and losers

Are you lonesome tonight? Are you sick of being single? Online dating easily allows you to


Olivia Newton-John’s new cancer may have other survivors worried

Olivia Newton-John's new cancer may have other survivors worried.

Mental Health

How a dementia test can pick up early signs of the treatable illness

Taking an early dementia test may lead to treatment to help slow down deterioration.


Mum and Dad’s payback: recovering loans to children

New tool keeps track of Bank of Mum and Dad lending.

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