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Matt Grudnoff is a Senior Economist at The Australia Institute and has previously worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.



Retirement Affordability Index

PM promised reform, record funding – here's what happened

Economist Matt Grudnoff outlines the 'progress' made since the royal commission.

Retirement Affordability Index

Transport, housing, furnishings drive inflation

The retiree group most affected by rising living costs.

Retirement Affordability Index

How the government justifies capped spending on pensions and healthcare

The reports that are designed to 'make Australians feel poor and afraid'.

Retirement Affordability Index

What hurt household budgets in the past quarter

The Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff reveals the pressure points.

Retirement Affordability Index

Should retirees be forced to 'eat the house'?

Economist Matt Grudnoff explains the conversation around the home and the Age Pension.


Understanding the true cost of retirement

Widely used industry standards fail to show how retirement costs affect different groups.

Living in retirement

Cost-of-living statistics are valuable; the ‘noise’ is not

Senior economist Matt Grudnoff offers a cautionary tale about statistics.


Affluents cruise, Cash-Strapped bear brunt of increases

Fires and drought have biggest impact on March quarter costs.


Is deflation good news for your living costs?

A pandemic, a recession and deflation … what does it all mean for retirees?


Biggest trap for retirees? Our entire retirement income system

Australia must confront fundamental problems with its retirement income system.

How much is enough?

Tracking tribes’ cost-of-living increases

Cash-Strapped Couples and Singles and Constrained Singles bear the brunt of cost-of-living increases

Finance News

Drought causes jump in food costs

Price rises in the September quarter were smaller than in the June quarter with all tribes experiencing

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