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Former Herald Sun columnist Steve Perkin. Steve wrote In Black & White – a daily collection of readers’ experiences, queries and observations – for about a decade. Do you have an interesting story to tell?




Where do we learn about becoming a grey nomad?

Many things in life are assumed, like becoming the perfect grey nomad.


It’s critical that you recognise this ‘silent killer’

Pancreatic cancer is deadly. Here's how to recognise the telltale signs.


I fear flying, but I’m working on it

Fear of flying, or aerophobia, is real, but there are things you can do to stay airborne.


The disturbing stats for this half of the human race

Here's how you can reduce your likelihood of becoming a cancer statistic.


When a dream purchase morphs into a sinking feeling

Steve Perkin had a dream … that came to fruition. Now he has a sinking feeling.

Mental Health

Are sex problems between the ears not the sheets?

Good sex may be more about what's happening between your ears than what's going on under the

Health news

Trust your gut and ask if they’re okay – any day

On R U OK? Day - and every day - take the time to check in with friends, family and yourself.


What to do today to get a better night’s sleep

Steve's mother used to listen to parliament to get a better night's sleep, but is there another


What’s causing that pain in your hands?

Pain, tingling and numbness could be a sign of this syndrome.


Could I be classed an alcoholic?

The key questions you should ask yourself.

Weight Loss

The worst type of fat you can have

Belly fat can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Here's how to get rid of it.


Sales plummet for this once essential kitchen item

Kitchens are still being designed to contain microwaves, but sales are plummeting.

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