Jean Watson

About Author
Jean was born in Australia but grew up in South Africa and returned to Australia when she was 17. She has a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne and has worked in publishing for ten years. Her employers have included Community Aid Abroad, the Australian Council for Educational Research and Vision Australia. She has also studied painting at RMIT and completed a graphic design qualification in 2011. She works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She has her own range of greeting cards.




How to keep your ‘frame’ strong

Learn about your ‘frame', to keep your joints and bones strong and avoid muscle loss.


Scenic Hotel Southern Cross, Dunedin, NZ

My family on my father's side travelled from Scotland in the 1800s and settled in the South Island

Publisher's Pick

Ardenlee Bed & Breakfast, Ballarat

Saying at this b'n'b is one of Jean's favourite parts of the Ballarat Begonia Festival

Publisher's Pick

Seacombe House, Port Fairy

Jean visits the beautiful, historic town of Port Fairy for the first time

Book Reviews

John Grisham’s latest blockbuster

The Litigators is a highly entertaining, character-driven look at the world of Finley & Figg,


The diet pact (or confessions of a pactotherm)

Jean, a recent addition to the YOURLifeChoices team is putting us all to shame with her determination