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Dr Emmanuella Murray is a clinical psychologist who has been practising for more than 10 years. She works with children, adolescents, adults and couples and presents to professionals and community groups.

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How to tell hubby he’s a bore – nicely

Dr Emmanuella tells Narelle how to have a ‘difficult conversation' with her husband.


Do you need a best friend? How do you get by without one?

Billie has never had a best friend and asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella if she has a problem.


Desperately seeking help – for my wife and me

Ron asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella how he can help his wife and keep his sanity.


Is partner’s missing ‘spark’ just part of getting old?

Cindy says the ‘spark' has gone out in her partner and asks if that's just part of getting old.


For Frank, happiness is work. But retirement looms

Nervous Frank asks Dr Emmanuella how to make a happy transition into retirement.


Help! My son wants to move back home with his kids

Clive's son wants to move back home with his children. What does Dr Emmanuella say?


I am not a goal-setter, but should I be?

Sophie asks Dr Emmanuella whether she's wrong not to set goals in life.


‘Why won’t my wife watch a sexy movie with me?’

Frustrated husband asks Dr Emmanuella to help him understand.


Son’s focus on writing will upsets mum

Can Dr Emmanuella ease fears of a family feud?


Can couple restore the trust after husband’s affair?

Vickie has discovered her husband has been unfaithful and asks Dr Emmanuella for help.


‘The new woman in my life dislikes my adult children’

Noel asks Dr Emmanuella how he can encourage all parties to get along.


Brett seeks help to fight grief and get back out there

What psychologist Dr Emmanuella told twice-widowed Brett.

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