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What is thrombocytopenia, and why did it stop the AstraZeneca jab?

What does the term vaccine induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia mean?


What works, what won't, if you get your phone wet

Here's how to deal with water damage - and soaking it in rice won't work.


Vaccine rollout setback: AstraZeneca not advised for under 50s

The vaccine rollout was thrown into fresh uncertainty on Thursday night.


New films show the fear and loss that come with dementia

Experts rate how realistic dementia portrayal is in the movies.

Health news

Blood clots: Five reasons they may happen

Clotting is an extremely important function in the human body.


Early detection test hype may be harming the healthy

Testing the healthy can too often wrongly classify them as sick.


How TV shows can be powerful tools for public health

We know we should eat well and exercise. But then there's couch and the remote.


What can go in the compost bin?

Tips to help your garden and keep away the pests.


Hand dryers can circulate germs. Why are they still used?

The hygiene-focused among us always knew public washrooms were grimy places.

Technology News

What is 'upskirting' and what are your rights to privacy?

What rights to privacy do people have with indecent photographs taken by others?


How to manage the 'disease of kings'

Professor Andrew Brown explains what causes gout and how to manage it.


Sex, power and anger - a history of feminist protests in Australia

The anger around the nation connects the day's events to earlier feminist protests in Australia.

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