Rod Cunich

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For more than 33 years Rod Cunich has been helping clients plan for their future by finding practical solutions to legal matters. When it comes to succession, business, corporate and commercial law and practice, he is a leader in his field.

Rod is a good listener and spends the time to get to know his clients on a personal level, earn their trust and work with them to achieve positive outcomes of value. It is through careful planning that he is able to so effectively help clients attain certainty and minimise worrying risks. He holds the firm’s values of pursing social justice close to his heart.

‘With succession planning no two matters are the same,’ says Rod. ‘Each case is a problem-solving puzzle which sees me working with interesting people and achieving outcomes clients often think are impossible to achieve.’

Rod currently manages Slater & Gordon’s Succession Planning, Probate and Estate Administration Division nationally. From his humble beginnings on the wheat and sheep farm in central NSW to now being a director of numerous companies and Not for Profit organisations, Rod has earned a reputation from his ability to designing and implementing practical solutions that work.




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