Peter Leith

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Peter Leith is 89 and describes himself as “half-deaf and half-blind”. But he has never been one to waste a minute and is writing a series of true short stories called Aspects of Ageing.




When did conversations become a competition?

Whatever happened to 'listen' and 'wait your turn', asks a weary Peter Leith.


Move over Shakespeare – here's 'the many ages of women'

Columnist Peter Leith tries his hand at an addendum to a famous Shakespeare speech.

Mental Health

What we can learn about support from Third World nations

Sunday columnist Peter Leith is 92 and angry. We'll let him explain why.


Operation jigsaw a family affair

Peter Leith tells how his family would explore the world piece by piece.


Living life, not talking death

Put together a group of blokes who have been given an 'end date' and what do you get?

Mental Health

Mum was right - make the pleasure last

Peter Leith tells why we should all learn to pause and appreciate.


Learning a little humility harder for the alpha male

We all deal with ageing in our own way, but the loss of prestige is galling for some.

Federal Government

Party that once stood tall has become an 'AntiClimax'

Opinion: Peter Leith says a once-great party has become a 'dunny cart'.

Social Networking

Lonely - amidst a babble of communication options

Despite the 'connectedness' of the world today, Peter Leith tells why he is sometimes lonely.


The perfect bag for bone saws and beers

It was widely used by doctors, but Peter Leith found it perfect for the weekend tipple.


Complacency has no part in this pandemic

We're the lucky country and we should count our lucky stars, writes Peter Leith.


Domestic violence: Where it starts, how it could end

Domestic violence is learned behaviour, writes Peter Leith, and can be 'unlearned'.

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