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Hank Jongen is the human face of Centrelink, a government agency on behalf of the Department of Human services, responsible for $100 billion in funds, 40,000 staff and 99% of the Australian population at some stage or another


Centrelink News

How your superannuation affects the Age Pension

Services Australia chief explains how lump sum withdrawals affect the Age Pension.

Centrelink News

How selling and downsizing affect your Age Pension

If you're a retiree, there might come a time when you decide to sell your home.

Allowable Earnings

What you need to know about earning an income on the pension

Any income you earn could have an effect on how much Age Pension you receive.


What services and payments are available for grandparents?

Read this if you have taken on the responsibility of caring for your grandchildren.

Age Pension

Centrelink support when you lose a loved one

Hank Jongen offers advice on the records that need updating when you lose a partner.


Where to access free, confidential financial information

Services Australia offers a number of free specialist services for all Aussies.

Age Pension

Does living in a granny flat, caravan or boat affect your pension?

Centrelink chief Hank Jongen explains how your living set-up can affect your pension.


How Services Australia revalues your market-based investments

Hank Jongen explains how and when your market-based investments are revalued.

Age Pension

How to access extra financial support next month

Services Australia GM Hank Jongen explains extra income support and overpayments.

Age Pension

Important details on how your income stream information is updated

Income stream information may affect your Age Pension and concession card eligibility.