Brad Lockyer


Your Health

Could you be damaging your tooth enamel without even knowing it?

Tooth enamel damage is a part of dental health that's often overlooked.

Health Insurance

Bill shock undermining the sector, say health funds

Regulate split billing and restore faith, urges peak health insurance body.


What you must check when you receive your super fund statement

The key areas that will show whether your fund is the best fund for you.

Federal Government

Sexual harassment training for MPs an hour long – and optional

Format of training sessions attracts fierce criticism.


Vaccinated people contracting COVID no cause for alarm, say experts

Experts advise that rare instances of people contracting COVID-19 after vaccination is to be

Finance News

Is an inheritance tax back on the agenda?

Report finds public attitudes toward an inheritance tax appear to have softened.

Health news

Are you drinking your coffee too early?

Research tells how to get the maximum benefit out of that cuppa.

Federal Government

Report finds Australian parliament lacks real code of conduct

Australia's parliamentary ethics enforcement is weak, report finds.


Australia lags behind in race to secure future Pfizer doses

The government insists it has enough Pfizer doses to meet future demand, but does it?

Brain health

Scientists find the source of superagers’ memory

Scientists reveal how superager brains are different.

Banking & Investment

ATO advises not to lodge your tax return before this date

Tax office warns that lodging a return too early could cost you.