Brad Lockyer


Health news

What grease-proofing is doing to the world and your health

Chemicals used in the process can stay in the environment for decades.


The pandemic stock market mistake that cost Aussies thousands

How panicking during 2020 caused thousands of Aussies to ruin their super returns.

Retirement Income

Federal government super fund proposal a 'slush fund', say critics

Industry experts fear plan will hurt ordinary Australians' retirement savings.

Finance News

How to avoid late lodgement penalties at tax time

The deadline to submit your own tax return is fast approaching.


New tool ranks the 'healthfulness' of foods and beverages

Food Compass tool ranks foods according to their health benefits.

Weight Loss

How to lose weight without running or changing your diet

Lose the lockdown weight without having to leave the house.

Health news

The $20 treatment that can shrink cancer

Australian-led research demonstrates 'low-cost, non-toxic' cancer treatment.

Health News

Surprising causes of hair loss you may not have factored in

Both men and women experience hair loss. Knowing why it happens could lessen your risk.

Technology News

Services Australia pays $1.2 million for spyware technology

Technology bought from an Israeli cybersecurity firm used to investigate fraud.


You've been trying to lose weight the wrong way, study finds

New research reveals why many diet and exercise plans don't work.

Brain health

Eating too much processed food can affect brain function – and quickly

Supplementing poor diet with omega-3 fatty acids may hold key to brain health.

Finance News

Flaw in banks' security costing Aussies billions every year

Finance watchdog demands banks fix flaw in account security.

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