Is it ethical to give babies chiropractic treatment?

What do you think of a newborn receiving treatment from a chiropractor?

What do you think of a newborn receiving treatment from a chiropractor? For those not aware of the event from this week, Melbourne chiropractor Dr Ian Rossborough found himself embroiled in controversy after a video emerged of him performing a procedure on a four-day-old baby, which caused a shocking ‘cracking’ sound and resulted in the baby crying.

The video, which has received almost one million views on YouTube, sparked a furore among many people, including parents and medical professionals, who were outraged over the ethics of performing chiropractic treatment on a newborn baby.

Melbourne paediatrician Dr Chris Pappas said, “The problem is that babies’ bones are soft and their joints are very flexible. Not only can these tissues be damaged, but other structures, such as the spinal cord, are at risk.”

Dr John Cunningham, an orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne, said the footage made his “eyes water.

“I feel chiropractic care for infants and children should not be undertaken,” he said.

However, Dr Rossborough, who claimed his procedure was used to treat colic and reflux, has since hit back at the claims against him. In a second video, he defends his work and attempts to prove the validity of the procedure by demonstrating it on his own newborn daughter.

“We don’t crack anything, it’s not a crack, it’s a very specific, it’s the end of my fingers ... and it’s about that much pressure,” he said while holding his week-old daughter. “What we do is we check the spine. We check the spine like you would check the hearing and check the vision and check anything else when the baby is born to make sure its functioning well.”

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think chiropractic treatment on babies is acceptable? Why not watch both videos, have a read of this article and tell us your opinion? 


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    28th Apr 2016
    I agree with this chiropractor. With my first child it wasn't until she was very delayed in developing standing/walking skills that we sought chiropractic treatment. When we did it was discovered that her hips were out of alignment, a factor which had been missed entirely by every doctor she'd been taken to. A quick adjustment was made (my daughter didn't even cry) and my daughter was soon not only standing and walking she was running, so great was the improvement. All this within a day of the chiropractic treatment.
    As a result of this, we took our next two children to the chiropractor soon after we were discharged from hospital. Both were found to have the same misalignment of the hips as their sister had, plus my son was suffering reflux, even though he was breastfed. Again the required adjustment was performed, neither baby cried for long (stopping immediately they were returned to my arms) but my son no longer suffered reflux, and both developed their skills as expected.
    Even though one may hear a crack when one's spine receives chiropractic adjustment at the hands of a qualified chiropractor there is little or no pain. It is not the bone cracking it is the cartilage that holds the bone in place. When the bone becomes out of alignment through the birthing process ( NO, it doesn't always happen, but it can) the crack one hears is the bony part of the spine moving in the cartilage, repositioning itself. It's the same as when one cracks one's knuckles.
    My grandchildren too have received chiropractic care since soon after birth.
    28th Apr 2016
    Please provide the full scientific explanation of this hip misalignment. Such words are too easy for lay people to use and sound knowledgeable, when in fact they mean nothing.

    28th Apr 2016
    Some of what well-trained chiropractors do can be useful, but far too much is unscientific quackery.
    28th Apr 2016
    All I can say is well done.
    My grand daughter would only feed on one side.
    After three days of nurse advice etc in hospital my daughter asked her chiropractor to visit her at the hospital. He corrected the spine and Jessie never missed a beat thereafter.
    I grant that there are many levels of ability in chiro's but this bloke had a long and successful history with our family and he sure knew what he was doing.
    28th Apr 2016
    What did he actually do? How did it work? Why did it work?

    I'll bet you can't answer those questions.

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