Changes to Qantas Frequent Flyer program

Those enrolled in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program now have more ways to earn points

The proposed partnership between Qantas and Emirates will not only mean more choice for Australians booking international flights, but those enrolled in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program now have more ways to earn points.

From 31 March 2013 (subject to regulatory approval) the following will apply:

Earning points
Flights taken on either Emirates or Qantas flights will earn points; how many depends on the class of travel booked and the airline flight number on the ticket. Flights with a QF number will earn the full points and status credits and flights with an EK number will earn points at a reduced rate. To find out how many points you will receive for travelling, visit

Redeeming points
You will be able to use your points to book a Class Award flight on Emirates services and, for most flights, the number of points required will be the same. To get an idea of how many points you need for the most popular flights, visit

Upgrades can only be granted when using points if the original flights is booked on a Qantas operated aircraft.

Lounge access
For travel from 31 March 2013 Platinum One, Platinum and Gold Qantas Frequent Flyers will have access to the Emirates lounges where available across Australia, Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

In Dubai, Platinum One and Platinum Frequent Flyers will have access to the Emirates First Lounges and Gold Frequent Flyers will have access to the Emirates Business Lounges.

Qantas Club members can continue to access the Qantas lounges across the Qantas network as well as the Emirates Business Lounge in Dubai and the American Airlines Admirals Club in London when flying Qantas or Emirates between Australia, Dubai and London.

Reciprocal lounge access is not permitted for the Americas, New Zealand or South Africa.

Find out which lounges you can access

Luggage allowance
Qantas passengers will now enjoy a luggage allowance of 30kg. Depending on where you fly, there may be baggage restrictions. Find out more about Qantas’s new baggage policy.  


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    Hervey Bay Escapee
    22nd Feb 2013
    It's great to see this.
    I have flown Qantas for over 40 years and was invited to Join the Chairman's Lounge almost 20 years ago.
    This status was earned due to my frequent travelling and due to my potential to influence the travel plans of other employees/executives.
    Having been retired now for almost 8 years, but still taking an annual trip overseas. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when, out of the blue, the status was removed. I had been given to understand at the time that this was a life-time status.
    After so many years of loyal flying with the airline, this was a shock and with the amount of travel I am now able to do, I can never hope regain this level of frequent flyer status.
    It seems that travel prior to 1998, when I was doing most of mt frequent business travel does not count towards lifetime Platinum or Platinum Plus, which is where I would have been. After so may years and trips that would run into millions of kms, I am pretty upset with their decision.
    All I can say is watch out for changes to the Frequent Flyer Programme - it seems it can bite you!
    My wife and I have booked yet again to fly Qantas to London - business class, but this may well be the last time we choose to fly them. We'll see!
    22nd Feb 2013
    I have been a Qantas frequent flyer since I lost all of my Ansett points. I have been loyal to Qantas and British Airways except on the odd occasion that a suitable flight was not available.
    Once I did travel Emirates from Brisbane to London return so do have a frequent flyer card with no points on it because they have expired. Should I cancel this Emirates card so that my points remain with Qantas? Mind you, I have no desire to travel via Dubai; I did not enjoy the experience. A friend of mine has chosen to fly to London via Los Angeles with Qantas this Autumn. We both travel premium economy where there is a limited number of seats. I do my side flights in Europe with Britsh Airways. Will I still get frequent flyer points? Perhaps it is time to use up my 400,000 points and switch my allegiance to another airline.

    27th Apr 2015
    There's been quite a number of issues with Qantas airlines in the last few years hasn't it. They've beome a fair bit less reliable but they are doing their best I think. No need to put your Qantas air miles card into storage just yet because I have a feeling they're gonna buck up sooner or later!

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