Changing aged care services

How do you know when it’s time to change aged care services?

Changing aged care services

Just like health and wellbeing, sometimes the aged care services used by you or a loved one need a ‘check up’ to make sure you’re getting the right kind of support. So how do you know when it’s time for a change?

Whether your circumstances have changed slowly over time or rapidly due to illness or an incident, you should regularly look at what aged care services you are receiving and ask your aged care service provider to make adjustments where needed.

Feros Care, a provider of community and residential care, offers the following tips on how to assess your own situation and how to approach your provider.

Looking at your health, environment and services
If you currently live at home and receive services there, Feros Care’s General Manger of Community Services, Gabriele Taylor, recommends you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I still do my own errands e.g. banking, shopping or business activities?
  • Can I still go out and socialise e.g. visit the library, meet friends for coffee, go out for lunches or enjoy shopping trips?
  • Can I still take care of personal needs with ease such as dressing, grooming and cooking meals?
  • Have I stopped doing things around the house because I’m afraid of falling?
  • Is my memory like it used to be or am I becoming more forgetful (e.g. missing medications or feeling ‘lost’ at times)?
  • Am I napping for most of the day and then struggling to sleep at night?
  • Do my family and friends increasingly talk about being worried about me or needing more help at home?

Meanwhile, Feros Care’s Director of Clinical Services, Sarah Marciano, says residents at a village should think about the following: 

  • Am I getting enough help to do the things I am no longer able to do?
  • Have I had to go to hospital on repeated occasions because the village was not able to care for my needs?
  • Have I enjoyed new opportunities at the village that weren’t available when I lived at home?

If you answered these questions and can see that your situation has changed or that there are areas you may now need help with, it could be time to talk to your provider.

How to get your services changed
Although daunting, you have the right to discuss your changing needs and see what other services are available.

If you need to change the care and support you are getting at home you can talk to:

If you feel you could benefit from greater services at your residential village, you should bring up your concerns with:

  • The staff member you have the most contact with e.g. you might see a nurse regularly and feel comfortable talking to them first.
  • The village’s Care Manager, Nursing Director or Director of Clinical Services.

Village staff are usually very receptive to hearing about your needs and finding ways to make sure you feel like that village is your home.

Feros Care has a very helpful Aged Care Advisory Service. Whether you currently have services with them or not, they can help find services to suit your needs or discuss how you can access greater care and support.

Call the Aged Care Advisory Service on 1300 763 583 or find out more about Feros Care at

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