Who’s worried about ageing?

Pew Research's latest paper on global attitudes to ageing is a real eye-opener.

You’re still hot to me

You're still hot to me is a straight-up look at the world of menopause.

Planning for Act 4

How can you make the most of your mature workforce?

Patronising television programs

Has television ever produced a more patronising program than Amazing Greys?

Assumptions make an ass out of you

Watch how 80-year-old Paddy teaches Simon Cowell the danger of making assumptions based on

The rise of collaboration

Debbie reviews ‘What's Mine is Yours', which looks at the rise of marketplace collaboration.

World's oldest female bodybuilder

At 75 years of age, Ernestine Shepherd is the world's oldest female bodybuilder.

Superannuation spending concerns

2013 showed the highest average superannuation returns since the GFC.

Why marketers get it wrong

There's one error that companies often make when marketing to baby boomers.

Never too old

Diana Nyad made history earlier this year when, at 64, she became the first person to complete the

In Praise of Ageing

In her new book In Praise of Ageing, Patricia Edgar tells the stories of eight people who have

Fashion is not just a phase

Executive Director of the Global Coalition on Aging, Michael Hodin, was appalled by the lack

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