Assumptions make an ass out of you

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It’s hard to decide what’s better about this video, the spectacular salsa performance given by Paddy and Nico or the fact Simon Cowell has to wipe the smug look off his face and apologise.

When almost 80-year-old Paddy steps on the stage it is clear all four judges have written her off immediately based on her age. To her credit, Paddy ignores their disinterested attitude and remains polite and professional when responding to the snide jokes at her expense, clearly designed to get audience laughs. Perhaps because she knows it will be her who has the last laugh.

While the salsa routine starts out slowly, in which time Simon Cowell feigns boredom and falling asleep, it instantaneously becomes electric. Interestingly, this energy-shift coincides with Cowell pushing his red button, signalling it’s a no from him. After shooting him an icy look Paddy proceeds to take things up a notch causing Cowell’s eyebrows to shoot up in shock.

After swinging and sliding around the stage for two minutes Paddy receives a standing ovation from the judges and audience. Her performance is not only a great reminder that you can be fit and active at any age but also a lesson about the danger of making assumptions. Age truly is only a number and people are more than numbers. As Alesha Dixon says we can all only hope to be like Paddy when we’re 80.

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