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A recently released roadmap for research on ageing in Europe hopes to enable the region to respond to demographic challenges of population ageing, using scientific research as a driver of innovation in public policy, clinical practice and the development of goods and services. Two years in the making, the Futurage roadmap will attempt to set the scene for the next ten years’ research. Scientists, however, were not the only with a wide range of perspectives from policy makers, practitioners, business people, older people and relevant NGOs all having input. The Futurage roadmap is split into three main sections; the first, offering background and context and emphasising the major theme of active ageing, the second identifying seven major priority research themes and the third, covering potential implementation of these themes.

The seven major themes are:

  • Healthy Ageing for More Life in Years
  • Maintaining and Regaining Mental Capacity
  • Inclusion and Participation in the Community and in the Labour Market
  • Guaranteeing the Quality and Sustainability of Social Protection Systems
  • Ageing Well at Home and in Community Environments
  • Unequal Ageing and Age-Related Inequalities
  • Biogerontology: from Mechanisms to Interventions

For more information visit www.futurage.group.shef.ac.uk.

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